ENROLpro Training

As developers and users of the ENROLpro system we understand providers' needs and the importance of adecuate  training. That is why we offer a wide variety of training solutions to suit TEOs specific needs. From group training to tailor made hands-on and one-to-one training at your place or ours.

Our ENROLpro group trainings are very popular with hands-on exercises complete with step by step training material. Workshops are organised from time to time especially when new versions and specific changes to the system have been undertaken.

We can also organise remote training sessions for providers unable to attend the training.

Group trainings are a great opportunity for providers to share their experiences and learn directly from the software developers and other TEOs.


Next ENROLpro Webinars



This session is designed for ENROLpro users new to the system and those who would like to refresh their knowledge on general setup and data entry.  Topics include:

  • Programme-Course-Class-Units
  • Pre-enrolments & Enrolments
  • Attendance
  • Record of Learning and Progress reports
  • Withdrawals
  • Course & Qualification Completions
  • Outcomes & KPIs 
  • NZQA reporting
  • Q&A

SDR advanced

This session is designed for advanced users of ENROLpro that need further clarification on changes to the upcoming April SDR. Topics include:
  • What is new on version 19.15
  • Quick SDR process overview
  • Course Changes & Fees
  • Reporting Fees Free Students via SDR and Workspace
  • Reporting completions for the previous SDR year
  • Final EPI review for 2018 - Last chance to submit 2018 Completion data
  • 2019 EFTS forecast
  • Q&A   

UIP refresher

This session is designed for Unfunded International Providers new to the UIP reporting systems and those wanting to refresh their overall knowledge on how to prepare and submit Trimester 1 data for 2019. Topics include:
  • UIP overview, what is new
  • UIP setup
  • Fees & Public Trust
  • UIP Enrolments
  • Working with UIP Students
  • UIP Process
  • Q&A

UIP advanced

This session is designed for Unfunded International Providers with advanced knowledge  of UIP who would like to learn how to submit changes to UIP and deal with changes on student's data, enrolments, extensions, credit notes/refunds and reports. Topics include:
  • What is new on version 19.15 
  • Tuition Fee Reports
  • Data Sent Reports
  • View UIP Tables
  • Extension and Holidays
  • Report changes on finish dates to UIP
  • Credit notes and refunds
  • Report changes on fees to UIP
  • Pending Events
  • Q&A

ENROLpro Advanced features and reporting

This session is designed for advanced users of ENROLpro who would like to learn more about:
  • Main Reports & Graphs
  • Import/Export options
  • Security & Interesting events
  • SQL Report Wizard
  • Student ID cards
  • Web Portals
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Q&A


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